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My Chronic Brain is a magazine for Chronic Migraine suffers and the people they interact with. Whether you are new on this journey, or have been doing it for years, we want to help you live your exceptional life. We will arm you with information in simple, easy to understand (and read!) formats. We will introduce you to others who are journeying on a similar path. And we will give you tools to feel more like yourself and better manage your health.

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We are accessible online, for free. But do not mistake “free” for “valueless”. Our writers, designers, and editors are volunteering their time and talents so that you can access this information easily. We know that taking care of your health is expensive. We don’t want to be.


Amanda Ingrassia

Editor in Chief

Amanda is a Chronic Migraine patient with a passion to help others live ever better lives with Migraine. She has a background in applied linguistics and adult education, with a focus on adult literacy.

Twitter: @breathemia
Instagram: @justbreathemia

Nicki Nemeth

Writing Editor, Lifestyle

Nicki is a Chronic Migraine patient, Therapeutic Designer that specializes in trigger management interior design, and Founder of Spoonful Designs. She is passionate about helping people with chronic illnesses live their best lives within their living and work spaces, and about breaking the stigmas that surround chronic illness and disability. When not working, Nicki can be found painting or soaking up nature.

Connect with Nicki
Instagram: @Nicki_Nemeth & @SpoonfulDesigns

Emily Cordes

Writing Editor, Movement Science

Emily is a Chronic Migraine patient, yoga teacher, Exercise Physiology student, and mum in Sydney, Australia. Emily has a passion to empower patients to move and exercise with confidence, so that you feel health, fit, strong, and regain a sense of control over your Migraine attacks.


Instagram: @MovementWithMigraine

Jenn Heater

Resources and Advocacy Director

Jenn is a government affairs professional who is currently learning to focus on her health. She spends her time advocating for change, encouraging other chronic illness sufferers, and crafting!

Instagram: @ChiefMedicalOddity
Twitter: @Medical_Oddity

Joey Ingrassia

Managing Editor

Joey is a communications professional turned entrepreneur. He is Founder of The Sock Hopper – a simple product with a big mission to make lives better. He has seen firsthand the impact of Chronic Migraine on members of his family, and is passionate about bringing lasting support to patients through accessible resources. When he is not working, he can be found playing shamisen, restoring old game consoles, or working on home improvement projects. He and his wife Meredith are expecting their first child in 2022.

Rachel Sussman

Writing Editor, Entertainment

Rachel has been a Chronic Migraine patient for most of her life. She lives in Pennsylvania, USA with her husband, children, and two devoted nurse cats. Rachel writes reviews of the TV and movies she watches from her fainting counch with the hopes they will help others with Migraine when they need an escape from symptoms.

Connect with Rachel
Twitter: @RachelXSussman
Instagram: @RachelXSussman


My Chronic Brain is filled with the thoughts, experiences, and expertise of guest writers. Meet some of them below!

Shruti Shivaramakristnan

Shruti Shivaramakrishnan
Migraine Patient,

Shruti is a daughter, wife, mom, dog mom, and content marketer living with Chronic Migraine, anxiety, depression, mood disorder, and chronic fatigue. She founded the Chronically Meh community to provide a space where Chronic Migraine patients and others can find empathy, honesty, and strength to not just survive or exist, but live.

Beth Morton, Ph.D.

Beth Morton, Ph.D.
Migraine Patient, The Counterfactual Brain

Beth has a PhD in education research and worked as a program evaluator before Chronic Migraine. She has since shifted her skills to Migraine research and advocacy. She lives in Vermont, USA and in her down time hands out with her furry cat, baking, gardening, enjoying streaming movies and television, and listening to audio books.

Josephine "Jo" Lau

Josephine “Jo” Lau
Migraine Patient,

Jo is a mother of two boys, a Migraine Warrior, and Founder of Grace x Stregnth – a yoga studio in Sydney, Australia that offers in-person and online courses for all ages and skill levels. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT-500) and an Ambassador at Migraine Australia. Her instruction is heavily influenced by studies in neuroscience, and she is passionate about adapting yoga techniques to the needs of those with chronic pain.

Shaquita Cornelius

Shaquita Cornelius
Migraine Patient, @quitac2011

Shaquita is a Chronic Migraine patient currently in remission thanks to preventative treatment with Aimovig. Born and raised in Arkansas, she is currently pursuing her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health. She works as a pharmacy tech at a local hospital, and spends her free time listening to music, binge watching medical dramas, and volunteering at her church.

Zoe Frances Huber

Zoe Frances Huber
Migraine Patient Ally

Zoe Frances is sixteen years old, and is currently in high school (grades 9-12). She writes for her school newspaper as well as an independent, regional publication. While she herself does not have Migraine, she has seen the impact of Chronic Migraine in in a close family friend. When she is not studying, she enjoys reading, nature, and loose-leaf tea. Zoe Frances lives in the southern United States with her family, and beautiful golden retriever Oakley.

Tomoko Nakai

Tomoko Nakai
Migraine Patient

Tomoko was diagnosed with Vestibular Migraine in 2017 after living with the disease for nearly 20 years. She enjoys nature, hiking, reading, baking, and of course plants! (Her favorite plants are the carnivorous ones, and she wishes they could physically chew when they catch bugs.) She lives in California with her husband, Adam, and their ever-growing collection of plants.


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