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A digital magazine helping Chronic Migraine sufferers live their exceptional lives.

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My Chronic Brain is a magazine for Chronic Migraine suffers and the people they interact with. Whether you are new on this journey, or have been doing it for years, we want to help you live your exceptional life. We will arm you with information in simple, easy to understand (and read!) formats. We will introduce you to others who are journeying on a similar path. And we will give you tools to feel more like yourself and better manage your health.

Accessible Content

We are accessible online, for free. But do not mistake “free” for “valueless”. Our writers, designers, and editors are volunteering their time and talents so that you can access this information easily. We know that taking care of your health is expensive. We don’t want to be.


Amanda Ingrassia

Editor in Chief

Amanda is a Chronic Migraine patient with a passion to help others live ever better lives with Migraine. She has a background in applied linguistics and adult eduation. 

Twitter: @breathemia
Instagram: @breathemiaarts

Judith Klausner

Writing Editor, Arts and Expression

Judith is a Chronic Migraine patietn and professional artist. She loves small, intricate, and overlooked things. She is the author of Noah the Narwhal: A Tale of Ups and Downs, and she enjoys playing with her food, both recreationally and professionally.

Connect with Judith
Twitter: @Noah_theNarwhal
Instagram: @jgklausnerart

Nicki Nemeth

Writing Editor, Lifestyle

Nicki is a Chronic Migraine patient with a not-so-hidden talent of painting. Her innate desire to explore has led her all over the world. She utilizes holistic approaches to healing, and is a strong believes in the role of nutrition in health.

Connect with Nicki
Instagram: @nickidoesart
Facebook: @nickidoesart9

Joey Ingrassia

Managing Editor

Joey is a graduate of North Carolina State University and works as a commnications professional specializing in crisis management. In his free time, Joey and his wife Meredith (who are both proficient in Japense) work with international university students, helping them learn English language and culture.

Beth Morton

Writing Editor, Science and Health

Beth has Chronic Migraine and lives in Vermont with her furry cat, Sophie. She has a background in program evaluation and spends her days advocating for Migraine research and awareness, baking, and listening to audio books.

Connect with Beth
Twitter: @Beth_Morton
Instagram: @counterfactual.brain

Jenn Heater

Resources and Advocacy Director

Jen is a government affiars professional who is currently learning to focus on her health. She spends her time advocating for change, encouraging other chronic illness sufferers, and crafting!

Instagram: @ChiefMedicalOddity
Twitter: @Medical_Oddity

Alicia Wolf

Writing Editor, Food and Nutrition

Alicia is a Vestibular Migraine patient on a mission to offer positivity, hope, and encouragement to other Migraine sufferers. She is the author of The Dizzy Cook: Managing Migraine with More Than 90 Comforting Recipes and Lifestyle Tips, and also shares her recipes and experiences online at, MigraineAgain, and as an ambassador for the Vestibular Migraine Disorder Association.

Instagram: @TheDizzyCook
Twitter: @TheDizzyCook
Facebook: @TheDizzyCook
Pinterest: @TheDizzyCook