Volume 3, Edition 1


Explore the world of comorbidities and Chronic Migraine, including their impact on treatments and wellness.

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Published: January 15, 2021

Chronic Migraine Companions: Tackling Treatment with Comorbidities
Beth Morton, PhD
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Melissa Geraghty, PsyD

Life with Chronic Illnesses: An Unexpected Gift
Alicia M

Karamo Brown: A Big Platform for a Silent Disease
Jenn Heater

Portrait of an Advocate: Bluesette Copeland
Jenn Heater

The Weird and Wonderful World of Pain Science
Emily Cordes

The Effects of Endometriosis and Migraine in BIPOC
LaQuinda McCoy

Managing Comorbidities During COVID: Healing in the Time of a Pandemic
Nicki Nemeth

CTRL M Health: Building Your Lifestyle Toolkit for Migraine Management
Dr. Caryn Seebach, CTRL M Health


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